Causes of Blown Head Gaskets

13 September 2017

Few mechanical breakdown events engender as much dread in a car owner’s heart as a blown head gasket. Located between the engine block and the cylinder head compartment, this mechanically-essential seal is responsible for containing the internal combustion process, plus all of those explosively rising and falling cylinder parts. It’s because of these stress factors […]

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Best Gasket Types that are Compatible for Strong Chemicals

30 August 2017

Strong chemicals will eat into poorly selected gaskets, make no mistake about that. Sure, that joint seal has been designed to handle high temperatures and intense pressures, but the clock is ticking. The deteriorating material will fail. A chemically resistant gasket doesn’t suffer from such issues. It retains its toughened outlines and its sealing duties, […]

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Common Gaskets Used in Automotive Applications

11 August 2017

Gaskets divide into two discrete classes when they’re employed in automotive applications. There are the passive areas where the seals protect passengers and driver. They’re the door gaskets and window seals, products that are formed from extruded lengths of weatherized rubber. What about the active seals, though, the common gaskets that manage engine and exhaust […]

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Factors to Consider in Gasket Selection and Installation

25 July 2017

A correctly selected gasket performs as a key mechano-elastic component in all sorts of industrial applications. Selected according to the following factors, that sealing element absolutely prevents fluid leakage. No matter the pressure, the temperature, or toxicity of that fluid, the properly selected and installed gasket endures. Of course, if we’re to properly establish sealing […]

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Tips on How to Prevent Gaskets from Cracking and Drying

11 July 2017

Cracking and drying problems trouble certain elastomeric gaskets. The affliction occurs when the seal dries, becomes brittle, and the material develops hairline fissures. It’s patently obvious here, as these cracks spread, that the gasket has been rendered less than reliable. Unless action is taken, a conveyed fluid will discover the tiny channels and there will […]

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