Gasket Rubber Materials for Weather Resistance

14 October 2016

Special design processes are used to bolster gaskets when they’re intended for outdoor applications. Primarily, the seal must be weather resistant so that it doesn’t deteriorate and facilitate a leak when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Of course, inclement weather isn’t the only problem, for even the sun can damage a less-than-proficient […]

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Significance of Gaskets in the Food and Beverage Industry

30 September 2016

Seal incorruptibility plays an important role in the food and beverage industry. Primarily, the gaskets employed in this hygiene-sensitive arena are designed to adhere to stringent health and safety regulations, which means they stop leaks in factories where consumable items are processed. Cross-contamination is eliminated when these system-essential seals function optimally. Meanwhile, engineering reliability creates […]

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Flange Gaskets for Pipeline Connections: Filling Gaps to Prevent Leaks

19 September 2016

The dictionary definition of a fluid-conveying pipeline describes long conduits carrying liquid commodities over great distances. They transport combustible gasses, liquids, and even provide a secure route for water when arid regions run dry. Comprised of rolled sections of corrosion-resistant steel, a rigid material backbone that’s manufactured tough, the only potential weak spot in this […]

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Vehicle Exhaust System Gaskets: Small Parts That Matter

30 August 2016

When locked inside a wide diameter exhaust conduit, spent engine gasses are properly contained and efficiently processed. That’s a praiseworthy job, considering the sectional build of a modern exhaust system. It’s accomplished by employing flanges and fasteners, yet this metal-to-metal seal isn’t enough to prevent the fumes from leaking, which is why vehicle exhaust systems […]

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Uses and Applications of Oil Jointing Gasket Sheets

15 August 2016

A jointing sheet is a sectional leaf of especially resistive material that requires further work before it can be installed in its final resting site. It needs to be cut and shaped into a standard gasket outline, so it should be classified as a preprocessed commodity, something that needs expert handling by a trained engineer […]

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