Gasket Application Mistakes that Must Be Avoided

29 June 2020

Gaskets are mechanical seals that create a physical barrier between two or mating surfaces. The application of these barriers can prevent dust, dirt, fluids, gases, and electrostatic discharges from affecting the performance of certain machine parts or engines. Most of the time, gasket applications can be very easy and simple. However, the presence of these […]

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Understanding the Importance of Rock Cover Gasket for Automotive Use

11 June 2020

Automotive products rely heavily on engines to perform their main uses and functions. Engines are a fuel-consuming machine that gives sufficient power for automobiles, airplanes, buses, and others to run optimally. One key component of engines, especially an internal combustion engine, is the cylinder head. The cylinder head is typically located above the cylinders on […]

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Non-Asbestos Gaskets and Non-Asbestos Gasket Materials

27 May 2020

Gaskets are mechanical seals that are often used in closing the gap between two or more mating surfaces. In any given operating conditions, filling the space between surfaces or connecting flanges is crucial to prevent leakages. Fortunately, the overall properties of gaskets allow them to seal the irregularities of each surface without worrying about the […]

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What are Heat Exchanger Gaskets?

11 May 2020

A lot of industries utilise gaskets in preventing leakage of liquid and gases between two or more parts. These gaskets are typically used in different assemblies since they can easily fill the gap between two or mating surfaces. Their ability to hold and withstand high compressive loads without leaking and breaking makes them suitable for […]

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Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Custom Gaskets

22 April 2020

With the latest advances in various industries, manufacturers of gaskets have created a wide variety of gaskets that are suitable for different applications. Moreover, these manufacturers even supply clients that want to have their gaskets customised and modified according to their specific dimensions and properties.  Based on some data, manufacturers would prefer custom-made gaskets over […]

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