Top Qualities of Viton Sealing Products and their Primary Uses

11 October 2021

Parts of machines or components normally require the right sealing products before they can work efficiently. Without the right sealing materials, they might be exposed to damaging elements, which could only yield operational issues and unnecessary expenses. One great sealing product that is being maximised by businesses is the gasket. Gaskets are normally installed between […]

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The Pros and Cons of Maximising PTFE Ring Gaskets

27 September 2021

To ensure that tools and devices will remain operational throughout their service life, manufacturers must install or apply specialised components. One of the components that they maximise is the gasket. A gasket generally works by filling the gap or space between two or more surfaces of a tool or device. The application of the gasket […]

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Important Tips on How to Keep the Integrity of Your Rubber Gaskets

09 September 2021

When it comes to filling the space between two or more objects, industries would often turn to gaskets. After all, gaskets, especially those that are made from rubber, boast tons of benefits that can be great for automotive, oil and gas, aerospace, electronics, petrochemical, and other industries. Rubber gaskets, for one, are known for their […]

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A Quick Comparison between Full Face and Ring Type Gaskets

23 August 2021

Every part of a machine or fixture plays a vital role to ensure that they can work great. One specific component that can be truly helpful in maintaining the operations of machines and fixtures is the gasket. Gaskets are mechanical seals that can fill the gap between the mating surfaces of a machine or fixture. […]

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5 Most Commonly Used Gasket Materials and Their Respective Properties

06 August 2021

Gaskets have been very useful for industries that require effective sealing on their projects. After all, these products are known for filling the space or gap between two or more coupling surfaces, helping them prevent leakage during their operations. As previously stated, many industries maximise gaskets due to their main function. One of these industries […]

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