Things to Consider When Upgrading or Changing Pre-Specified Gaskets

14 September 2020

Gaskets play an important role in machines and other types of assemblies. They help seal the space between two or mating surfaces, preventing any instance of leakage from or into the closed gap. Without these gaskets, it would be difficult for the industries to perform critical activities continuously and safely. While almost all assemblies are […]

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The Importance of Choosing the Best Weather Resistant Gasket Materials

31 August 2020

Gaskets are fabricated to effectively join objects together as well as close space or gap between them. They likewise do not allow destructive or deteriorating elements to penetrate the mating surfaces so that machine or equipment parts will not get damaged or destroyed. A lot of industries maximise the mentioned functionalities of gaskets, particularly on […]

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How to Store and Maximise Gasket Life for Longevity

13 August 2020

Just like any other type of fasteners or sealing solutions, gaskets can become unusable after reaching their maximum lifespan. One reason behind this phenomenon is due to the material used. Gaskets can be made from ethylene propylene, butyl, nitrile, natural rubber, silicone, and many more. Some of these materials only last for around 3 to […]

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Understanding the Role of Fiber Gaskets

30 July 2020

The manufacturing process of numerous industries relies on the ability of the gaskets in sealing the space between two or more mating surfaces and preventing any kind of leakage from or into the paired objects. Some of the industries that utilise different types of gaskets include power generation, chemical processing, mining, aerospace, oil & gas, […]

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Significance of Rubber Gaskets in Electronic Assemblies

13 July 2020

Gaskets are sealing materials that can help close the gap, as well as fix any misalignment and uneven space between two or more flanges and objects. Many industries use gaskets since they can effectively prevent leaking and pressure loss that are frequently evident at the connection points of the objects. One material that is typically […]

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