Understanding the Importance of Rock Cover Gasket for Automotive Use

11 June 2020

Automotive products rely heavily on engines to perform their main uses and functions. Engines are a fuel-consuming machine that gives sufficient power for automobiles, airplanes, buses, and others to run optimally. One key component of engines, especially an internal combustion engine, is the cylinder head.

The cylinder head is typically located above the cylinders on top of the cylinder block. This component closes in the top of the cylinder, which is sealed together by a gasket. It houses components like intake and exhaust valves, springs and lifters, and the combustion chamber. The purpose of this component is to provide adequate space for the passages that provide air and fuel to the cylinder. It also allows the escape of the exhaust.

Cylinder Head Needs Covers

The cylinder head uses oil for the lubrication of its included components. And as mentioned, a cylinder head utilises a gasket that seals it with the top of the cylinder. Without any covering, the oil inside the cylinder head would leak and possibly damage other engine components. Additionally, the absence of cover will now allow the infiltration of dirt and debris inside the sensitive components of the engine.

To prevent any signs of leakage and accumulation of dirt and debris, engine manufacturers would include rubber or cork gasket to the valve covers. But as time goes by, the exposure of these covers under direct heat and oil can cause them to fail ultimately. 

Rock Cover Gasket Can Help 

The concept behind rock cover gaskets is pretty much straightforward. For starters, a rock cover gasket is a rubber or cork gasket that is seated above the engine cylinder head. This placement allows it to effectively seal and hold the valve cover in place. Aside from the valve cover, a rock cover gasket can also seal spark plug ports or tubes. 

The material used for this type of gasket is durable and flexible, which helps it in protecting the engine cylinder head and preventing oil from leaking and contaminating other components of the engine. It can also help in limiting the amount of dirt and debris that enters the interiors of the cylinder head. Rock cover gasket can also provide cooling properties to your engine components. Lastly, any engine fires that may happen due to leaking elements can be prevented through rock cover gaskets.

Preserving Rock Cover Gasket

The replacement of a rock cover gasket can be expensive, which may still depend on the situation. However, to avoid spending too much on this type of problem, you must make sure that you regularly check and maintain your engine. Checking on your rock cover gaskets regularly can help in preventing damages on your sensitive engine components and expensive repairs in the future.

Fortunately, you can easily determine if your rock cover gasket is failing. One of the most frequent signs of failing rock cover gasket is the presence of oil from the top of the engine, spark plugs, and onto the ground. A failing rock cover gasket also contributes to the presence of a burning oil smell whenever you are driving. Given the importance of rock cover gaskets for automotive use, it is safe to say that they are indeed helpful in maintaining safe driving operations. If you want to know more about this gasket, just contact us now at Gasketech.

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