Gaskets for Non-Metallic Applications

21 October 2020

Gaskets are mechanical seals that can fill the spaces between two or more surfaces and prevent them from any leakage incidents. These functionalities of the gaskets alone make them beneficial for a lot of commercial and industrial applications. A lot of equipment and components that utilise gaskets are made from metals. However, several applications maximise […]

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Types of Gaskets for Oil and Gas

13 October 2020

Gaskets are mechanical seals that can fill the space between two or more mating surfaces. These hardware devices are typically installed between two objects so that they can prevent any leakage from or into the objects while they are under compression. They can also effectively cover irregularities and increase the sealing ability of the materials. […]

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Key Differences between Ring-Type and Full-Face Gaskets

28 September 2020

Sealing two mating surfaces is typically done by gaskets. These mechanical seals can easily prevent any type of leak from going in and out of the joined objects while under varying levels of compression. One of the objects that can be joined by gaskets is flanges. Two gaskets that boast great features for sealing materials […]

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Things to Consider When Upgrading or Changing Pre-Specified Gaskets

14 September 2020

Gaskets play an important role in machines and other types of assemblies. They help seal the space between two or mating surfaces, preventing any instance of leakage from or into the closed gap. Without these gaskets, it would be difficult for the industries to perform critical activities continuously and safely. While almost all assemblies are […]

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The Importance of Choosing the Best Weather Resistant Gasket Materials

31 August 2020

Gaskets are fabricated to effectively join objects together as well as close space or gap between them. They likewise do not allow destructive or deteriorating elements to penetrate the mating surfaces so that machine or equipment parts will not get damaged or destroyed. A lot of industries maximise the mentioned functionalities of gaskets, particularly on […]

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