Most Common Gasket Installation Mistakes that You Should Avoid

24 June 2021

Many manufacturers utilise gaskets in sealing spaces and preventing leakage from or into the said spaces during operations. Through these mechanical seals, equipment pieces and machines exposed to various elements can maintain their operations without expecting any leaking issues. They are also prevented from getting damaged due to exposure to gas, liquid, and other volatile […]

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A Quick Comparison Between Open Cell and Closed Cell Foam for Sealing Applications

07 June 2021

There are a bunch of materials today that can be very effective when it comes to sealing applications. One of these materials is foam. Foam is generally a type of material that can effectively trap elements, particularly gas, in a solid or a liquid. Solid foam or sponge is typically comprised of expanded rubber products […]

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3 Main Reasons behind Common Gasket Failures

24 May 2021

Gaskets have been very beneficial for industries that require perfect assembly and mating of two or more objects. Typically, these mechanical seals allow the surfaces to stay intact throughout the lifespan of products and components. And through these seals, any elements that are surrounding or are already inside the components will be prevented from leaking […]

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Top Industries that Utilise Gaskets for their Applications

10 May 2021

Gaskets, in general, are mechanical seals that fill up the spaces and any irregularities between two or more mating objects. They are often installed to prevent leakage from or into these objects during their use. Most of the time, gaskets are utilised in connecting flanges that are often found in pipes, valves, pumps, and other […]

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Best Practices for Gasket Installation

29 April 2021

There are a lot of tools and equipment pieces that maximise gaskets for sealing purposes. After all, gaskets can easily fill the space between two or more mating objects. Their primary function allows the tools and equipment pieces to maintain their operations and form factors intact and be protected from leakage-related issues and problems.  But […]

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