How Vulcanised Fibre Gaskets are Made and Their Common Applications

24 July 2023

Vulcanized fibre gaskets are versatile sealing components made from cellulose fibre sheets, which are known for their strength, durability, and longevity. These gaskets are created by transforming layers of cellulose fibre sheets into a solid and durable material. These sheets undergo vulcanisation, which enhances the physical properties of the fibre, making it suitable for gasket […]

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Custom Gaskets from Gasketech: Top Reasons Why You Should Procure Gaskets Locally

10 July 2023

Procure custom gaskets locally with Gasketech. Experience quality, convenience, and reliable support. Choose local for top-notch gasket solutions. Different commercial and industrial equipment pieces, systems, and others require appropriate sealing components to effectively optimise their operations. One of the sealing components that can achieve this is custom gaskets. They are specialised seals that can fit […]

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Primary Gasket Applications in Water Supply and Sewerage Systems

20 June 2023

Manufacturers take advantage of various specific components to ensure their parts and products will work optimally for a long time. One of the components they use is a gasket. Gaskets are mechanical seals that intend to fill any gap between two mating surfaces. Once they are installed, they can easily prevent the escape or entry […]

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Viton Gaskets in the Chemical Processing Industry

01 June 2023

Viton gaskets are made from a high-performance synthetic rubber material that can resist heat and chemicals, making them compatible with the chemical processing industry. This industry, after all,is involved in producing chemicals, petrochemicals, and other related products. The production of the said elements is done by obtaining raw materials like oil, natural gas, and minerals […]

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How to Find and Pick the Best Gasket Supplier for Your Application

16 May 2023

Partnering with the best gasket supplier for your application can help you minimise downtimes, reduce expenses, improve daily operations, and so on. Gaskets are mechanical seals intended to fill the space between two or more mating surfaces. Once they are installed, they can prevent fluids, gases, or debris from entering or escaping the surfaces. Some […]

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