Most Common Sponge Materials Used for Manufacturing Gaskets

23 January 2023

Gaskets have been beneficial for a lot of industries. Once applied to equipment pieces and other assemblies, these gaskets can easily prevent process fluids from escaping. They can likewise deter contaminants from entering. These functions ensure that industries can fully maximise their equipment pieces and others without any issues.

Since the applications of various industries vary, not all gaskets boast similar characteristics. One of the elements that can differentiate gaskets is their materials.

Some gaskets can be made from solid materials, which are known for their durability and long lifespan. Others, alternatively, are made from foam materials. Foam gaskets are well-known for their affordability and low compressional forces. 

Sponge Gaskets

Gaskets can also be made from sponge materials, which are generally known for their low compressional forces and fire resistance. Here are specific types of sponge materials that can be used for manufacturing gaskets.

Silicone Sponge: Gaskets made from silicone sponges are highly recommended for padding and gasketing applications. These gaskets, after all, are soft and compressible. Another quality of these gaskets is they have extreme temperature resistance, making them suitable for outdoor applications. They can also prevent the absorption of water and offer an excellent compression set as they do not have interconnected closed cells. Silicone sponge gaskets have the longest life out of all silicone materials.

Neoprene Blend: Neoprene blend gaskets are sponge gaskets that are soft and compliant with most gasket applications. They can also work with applications that require weatherstripping, thermal barrier, shock absorption, and basic sealing. Similar to a silicone sponge, the neoprene blend features closed cells that are not interconnected, allowing this material to be impermeable to water absorption. Gaskets made from this material are likewise cheaper compared to solid rubber ones and other sponge materials.

EPDM Sponge: EPDM or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is a material that can also be used for generating and producing useful gaskets. Gaskets made from EDPM may boast qualities that neoprene blend gaskets already possess. But one thing that makes EDPM gaskets stand out is they have greater ozone resistance. This quality allows these sponge gaskets to be suitable in areas where prolonged ozone exposure is expected. Its resistance to ozone, however, makes the gaskets more expensive than neoprene blend gaskets.

Key Applications

Most of these sponge materials may come in extra firm, firm, medium and soft densities. Their general qualities, additionally, make them the best choice for applications prone to bowing, warping, and cracking at compression stops. They also have flame resistance ratings that make them useful in a lot of industrial applications. To gain access to high-quality sponge gaskets, you can contact us at Gasketech. We offer fast and superior services in terms of supplying gaskets for your applications. We utilise economical yet technically advanced sealing materials so they can be utilised without any issues. Standards set by you; we ensure that our gaskets will provide optimum performance for a very long time. Quick turn-around is likewise an absolute assurance from our beloved team.

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