Common Types of Gaskets Used by Various Industries

08 March 2022

Tons of sealing products are now available in the market, ensuring that every application can be conducted successfully. One of the sealing products that industries use today is the gasket.

A gasket is a sealing product that can fill the space between two or more surfaces, ensuring that any leaks will be prevented on their connection points even when under compression. Without the installation of a gasket, the mating surfaces will easily allow external materials to enter and infiltrate them, which can damage them along the way. The lack of this sealing product can likewise lead to energy wastes, high expenses, and failure of the tools or components.

Many industries use gaskets due to their effective sealing capabilities. However, their applications differ from each other, which is why manufacturers have come up with various types of gaskets. Here are some of the industries that use gaskets and the best gasket types for their applications.

Food Processing

Temperature is a key factor when it comes to processing food products. And since a lot of food products are processed in various temperatures, the gaskets used for the tools and other equipment pieces should be able to sustain their qualities. One gasket type that can be effective in the food processing industry is silicone since it can remain stable despite being exposed to high temperatures. Gaskets out of graphite and non-asbestos can also be used in high-pressure environments. 


The number of cars that are being manufactured nowadays has been increasing exponentially thanks to the automation of manufacturing processes. However, to ensure that these vehicles can be effective and safe, they must maximise gaskets that can resist high temperatures, fuel, and oil. Gaskets with these qualities are often made from silicone, nitrile, and Viton. EPDM gaskets, on the other hand, are used in creating door seals and plastic foams for car seats. Graphite and non-asbestos gaskets, ultimately, are installed within the combustion areas of the engines as they can withstand high temperatures.

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry is another industry that maximises high temperatures in its applications. With the right gasket materials, the industry can easily process oil, gas, and other elements necessary to provide power. Gaskets made from graphite, for instance, can be effective in the oil and gas industry as they can work effectively in high temperature, high-pressure environments. The industry can likewise utilise gaskets made from non-asbestos materials.


The processes involved in the pharmaceutical industry can be delicate at times. And to prevent any accidents from happening, the industry should opt for materials that can handle chemicals and their respective reactions. They must also go for materials that do not allow bacteria to grow significantly. Fortunately, PTFE gaskets are effective in handling chemicals and preventing bacteria from growing. Silicone gaskets can also be maximised in this industry thanks to their durable composition.

Some more industries that use gaskets are aerospace, electrical, petrochemical, and transportation industries. To obtain quality gaskets for your applications, you can call us at Gasketech.

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