Main Features of PTFE Gaskets and Their Industrial Applications

15 December 2022

Gaskets are one of the most common components that can be found inside assemblies, devices, and equipment. One of the reasons behind the use of these things is they can seal any gap between surfaces. Some of them can also retain their forms and shapes despite being exposed to high pressure and heavy loads. 

Tons of materials can be used to produce gaskets. Some of these materials include silicone, foam, neoprene, and ethylene propylene diene monomer or EPDM. Silicone gaskets are known for their excellent resistance to chemicals, while foam gaskets maximise superior thermal conductivity and sound absorption. Neoprene gaskets, alternatively, are highly elastic and flexible. Ultimately, EPDM gaskets can resist heat for a long time.

One more material that can be maximised by industries for their applications is polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE. PTFE gaskets boast many features that make them very useful in a lot of applications.

PTFE Gaskets Major Features

PTFE is a fluoropolymer material that works best when used in producing gaskets. While the material can be expensive to process, the features this material can provide to the gaskets make it a great investment for many industries.

One main feature of PTFE gaskets is they have high melting point temperatures. Even being exposed to temperatures of around 260 degrees Celsius for a long time, these gaskets can carry out their main functions without getting destroyed. PTFE gaskets also possess good electrical properties and astonishing dielectric strength.

PTFE gaskets can also be used in a wide array of applications without obtaining damages thanks to their nonporous and inert nature. These qualities allow them to deter chemicals, substances, and even bacteria from infiltrating and damaging the gaskets. Other key features of PTFE gaskets include high resilience to surface wear and outstanding flexibility.

Applications of PTFE Gaskets

All the major features of PTFE gaskets make them useful in a lot of industries.

The food processing industry, for instance, utilises PTFE gaskets as the main components of food processing equipment. They are utilised in the said industry as they can conform to the food safety standards of the authorities. The medical and pharmaceutical industry also uses PTFE gaskets in assembling manufacturing tools for drugs and other similar products. Their resistance to high temperatures and chemicals makes these gaskets suit the said industry.

Another industry that can take advantage of PTFE gaskets is the electrical industry. PTFE gaskets have a long service life and heat resistance that make them useful in sealing electrical components of appliances, devices, and other instruments.

Even the petrochemical industry utilises these gaskets as they have high resistance to chemicals and corrosive fluids. They can also withstand high temperatures and pressures, which other gaskets cannot provide. Most of the time, the industry utilises these gaskets in assembling the components of chemical handling devices.

One more application of PTFE gaskets has to do with compressors. The high-temperature resistance of PTFE gaskets makes them compatible with the components found inside the compressors, which are typically used by many industrial plants.

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