The Pros and Cons of Maximising PTFE Ring Gaskets

27 September 2021

To ensure that tools and devices will remain operational throughout their service life, manufacturers must install or apply specialised components. One of the components that they maximise is the gasket.

A gasket generally works by filling the gap or space between two or more surfaces of a tool or device. The application of the gasket to these things helps them in preventing leakage and encountering irregularities. The gasket can even assist in avoiding pressure loss at the connection points of these things, ensuring that they can carry out their purposes conveniently.

One known type of gasket is the ring gasket. A ring gasket does not contain bolt holes and is maximised on raised face flanges. A common material that is used to generate ring gaskets is polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE. Here are some benefits and drawbacks of maximising PTFE ring gaskets.

Pros of Maximising PTFE Ring Gaskets

The benefits of PTFE ring gaskets are often associated with the primary qualities of the PTFE material. Some of the pros of maximising PTFE ring gaskets are as follows:

  • Corrosion Resistance – PTFE ring gaskets are maximised by many businesses due to their excellent corrosion resistance. These ring gaskets can still work fully despite their exposure to these chemicals. Even industrial chemicals that can be too harsh for other gasket materials cannot provide serious effects to the PTFE ring gaskets.
  • Temperature Flexibility – Another benefit of maximising PTFE ring gaskets is that they can work well at a wide range of temperatures levels. The working temperature range of the PTFE material is between -198°C and +260°C, which is already wide considering that others cannot operate optimally with these temperature levels. PTFE ring gaskets, therefore, can work well with cryogenics and high-temperature applications without losing their flexural and pliability properties.
  • Long Service Life – One more advantage of maximising PTFE ring gaskets is that they can last for a long time. Since they can resist corrosion and work in various temperature levels, PTFE ring gaskets are expected to endure long-term applications. PTFE ring gaskets can also remain durable and strong throughout their service life, even if they are exposed to ultraviolet light and moisture.

Cons of Maximising PTFE Ring Gaskets

Even though the previously stated qualities make the PTFE ring gaskets beneficial for a lot of applications, they still boast some limitations that must be accounted for.

  • Inelastic – One known drawback of maximising PTFE ring gaskets is that they boast inelastic quality. Since the PTFE material is inelastic, reusing gaskets made from this material might not be possible. The inelasticity of PTFE ring gaskets prevents them from returning to their initial shape and cross-section, especially if they have already deformed. 
  • High Leakage Rating – Another limitation of PTFE ring gaskets is that they have a high leakage rating. The high hardness of the PTFE ring gaskets prevents them from conforming to mating surfaces easily, which negatively affects their sealing ability. And since they cannot conform properly to the surfaces, the chances of leakage with these gaskets can be high.

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