Gasket Material Traceability: Definition and Importance

31 May 2016

Most engineering labels submit to a little common sense. We can even take shortcuts by splitting the term up and tackling each word, one at a time. That’s not going to work here, unfortunately, so let’s get to the meat of the matter and skip the preamble; gasket material traceability isn’t a phrase that will […]

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What are Elastometric Gaskets?

29 May 2016

Over the years, tough operating environments have challenged our engineers by introducing more pressure variables and higher temperatures. Mechanical assemblies use strong alloys and smart designs to deal with these stresses, but there’s still the surface-to-surface junctions between each component to handle. Substance-fatiguing fuels and corrosive oils aren’t about to go away, after all, not […]

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Most Common Raw Materials Used in Gaskets

29 April 2016

A handful of flow-determining characteristics guides the production of gaskets. Firstly, they’re fabricated to conform to a specified geometrical outline. Now, while the shape of each sealing product is an essential consideration, it’s the raw materials used in each situation that really makes the difference. Material selection affects every attribute, everything, right down to the […]

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Applications of Gaskets and Sealing Washers

19 April 2016

The use of mechanical equipment is rarely a dry affair. We all know of a machine that pushes volumes of liquid or gas, know about fuel pumps and water sump pumps. Even the machines that don’t pump fluids, well, they rely on liquids, too. Lubricating agents and special coolants fill their chambered profiles, and they […]

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