Why Should You Choose VulcanisedFibre Seals over Others?

25 October 2021

Sealing products such as gaskets, washers, and others are extremely useful in ensuring that products intended to be combined fully will not leak throughout their service life. These sealing products can also help them sustain adequate pressure at their connection points.

To make sure that these sealing products can be useful for various industries, they must be made from effective materials. As more sealing products are utilised by different industries today, more and more materials have been created and produced just to meet specific application requirements. One popular material that can be utilised in creating sealing products is the vulcanised fibre.

Vulcanised fibre is a material that combines heat-treated fibrous materials to generate a sturdy rubber material. Some of the fibrous materials that can be used for this material are wood pulp, paper, and cotton. Opting for vulcanised fibre seals over others can bring you the following benefits:

Guaranteed Durability

One of the benefits of vulcanised fibre seals is that they are durable. Going for vulcanised fibre seals instead of the others can bring you products that will not break, tear, or splinter easily. Their ability to withstand these damaging forces can be attributed to their high strength-to-weight ratio, which cannot be found in other materials. Their excellent strength-to-weight ratio also allows these sealing products to be machinable without expecting any issues.

Chemical Resistance

Another quality of vulcanised fibre seals that makes them more recommended than the others is their chemical resistance. Sealing products are often maximised in applications that are exposed to harsh chemicals and compounds. If the sealing products cannot handle them effectively, they will only get destroyed in just a short time. Using vulcanised fibre sealing products for your application, on the other hand, enables you to fully utilise chemical solvents, oil, and grease.

Impressive Versatility

Vulcanised fibre seals can also be great for your intended applications as they are known to be versatile. Different vulcanised fibre variations can be generated and formulated to ensure that they could fit any applications. Commercial grade vulcanised fibres can be utilised to create gaskets, gears, and washers, which can be perfect for automotive, electrical, and power industries.

Environmentally Friendly

Choosing vulcanised fibre seals over others can be great for you since they are environmentally friendly. One thing about other sealing materials is that they are made from elements that pose danger to the environment. If you are leaning towards sustainability, opting for other sealing materials will not help you achieve your goals. Going for vulcanised fibre sealing products, on the other hand, can make your application eco-friendly as they do not maximise artificial binding agents and harsh chemicals.

Huge Cost Savings

One more other quality that makes vulcanised fibre sealing products better than the others is they can yield huge cost savings. Compared to other sealing materials, vulcanised fibre sealing products can be manufactured and processed without spending too much money. Even the time needed to generate these products is expected to be shorter than the others. With vulcanised fibre seals, you can surely save a lot of money, time, and other significant resources.

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