Why Do Industries Choose Polyurethane Gaskets over Other Options?

13 July 2022

Numerous materials can be used in manufacturing and producing gaskets. Some of these materials are silicone, natural rubber, cork, and compressed non-asbestos. Each of these materials has its own set of properties that make them beneficial for specific industries. 

But many industries opt for polyurethane gaskets due to the features they have.

The base material, polyurethane, is generated by reacting a polyol with a polymeric isocyanate or a diisocyanate. These elements make polyurethane very useful for a wide array of industries. Here are some reasons why many industries opt for polyurethane gaskets for their applications.

Endures Temperature Fluctuations

One of the reasons polyurethane gaskets are preferred by industries over others is they can endure temperature fluctuations. By using polyurethane as the base material, these gaskets can easily attain flexible elements that allow them to withstand temperatures between -73 degrees Celsius and 120 degrees Celsius. Their resistance to these temperatures allows them to be very useful for applications exposed to hot and cold environments or processes.

Resists Environmental Elements

Another reason why polyurethane gaskets are picked over others is they can resist elements from the surroundings. Some gaskets need to be placed outdoors. Since these areas are often exposed to sunlight, water, and other harsh weather elements, the gaskets should be able to withstand them. Polyurethane, fortunately, does not get damaged when exposed to these elements, making it the perfect material for producing various types of gaskets.

Withstands Abrasion and Friction

Gaskets are often exposed to abrasion and friction. Without using the right material, they might get damaged in a short time. Polyurethane gaskets, fortunately, have excellent abrasion resistance, allowing them to resist wear generated by friction. Using polyurethane gaskets can help industries carry out their operations without expecting sudden downtimes and emergency repairs.

Allows High Load Bearing Capacity

Aside from their resistance to elements and abrasion, polyurethane gaskets are also picked by industries as they can cater to high load-bearing capacity. Gaskets are installed in areas where a high load is expected. Without using the right type of gaskets, they may end up cracking and obtaining other similar damages, affecting the overall operations of industries. Polyurethane gaskets, fortunately, have a high load-bearing capacity making them effective under intense pressure and heavy vibration.

Permits Additional Customisation

One more reason industries prefer polyurethane gaskets over others is they permit additional enhancements and customisation to their overall specifications. Not all industries have similar needs. Fortunately, polyurethane gaskets can be customised with different thicknesses, sizes, colours, and other details. They can even be altered to meet the application requirements of specific industries.

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