Top Qualities of Viton Sealing Products and their Primary Uses

11 October 2021

Parts of machines or components normally require the right sealing products before they can work efficiently. Without the right sealing materials, they might be exposed to damaging elements, which could only yield operational issues and unnecessary expenses.

One great sealing product that is being maximised by businesses is the gasket. Gaskets are normally installed between two parts of machines or components. Through gaskets, they can prevent fluid, electrostatic discharge, electromagnetic interference, and contaminants from entering sensitive parts easily. These sealing elements can also prevent the creep and extrusion of parts during their operations.

To date, sealing products can be manufactured from different materials. One of these materials is Viton.

Qualities of Viton Sealing Products

Viton is the name for a synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer elastomer that comes from the company Chemours Company (previously known as DuPont). It is often used in generating O-rings and other extruded or moulded products.

Gaskets and other sealing products made from Viton boast a lot of qualities that businesses often utilise. One of the qualities of Viton sealing products is that they have great resistance to elements. Sealing products out of Viton are expected to be resistant to abrasion, tear, and weather elements. They can also withstand prolonged exposure to solvents, oil, alcohol, and acids. Another quality of Viton sealing products is that they can work in both low and high temperatures. Applications with temperature ranges of -12°C to 315°C can easily benefit from the outstanding qualities of Viton sealing products.

Other notable qualities of Viton sealing products include excellent tensile strength and hardness, reliable elongation, and great tear strength. The tensile range of Viton sealing products is between 500 to 2,000 psi. The max value of Viton products’ elongation, alternatively, is at 300.

Viton Sealing Products’ Main Uses

Given the qualities of Viton sealing products, many businesses in various industries can easily maximise them. Some industries that can maximise the qualities of these products include automotive, marine, chemical, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical.

As for specific uses, Viton sealing products can work well with applications that deal with aggressive fluids or high temperatures. They can likewise be used in processes where extreme heat is present. Chemicals that can be harsh to other materials can also take advantage of Viton sealing products thanks to their resistant properties.

The tensile strength of Viton sealing products, as previously stated, is only capped at 2,000 psi. Hence, they must only be used in applications within this range to avoid issues along the way.

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