Top Industries that Utilise Gaskets for their Applications

10 May 2021

Gaskets, in general, are mechanical seals that fill up the spaces and any irregularities between two or more mating objects. They are often installed to prevent leakage from or into these objects during their use. Most of the time, gaskets are utilised in connecting flanges that are often found in pipes, valves, pumps, and other similar equipment pieces.

Many industries utilise gaskets due to their accompanying benefits. They are known for their flexibility, ensuring that the flanges will be extremely secured from any leakage instances. Gaskets are likewise strong and durable, given that the materials used in creating them can resist weather elements and other variables present during their use and application. They can also fit any flanges, as long as the correct type and material of gaskets are installed and utilised.

As previously stated, a lot of industries utilise gaskets for their applications. Some industries that take advantage of gaskets are as follows:

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry often utilises gaskets within the combustion areas of the engines. The industry likewise maximises gaskets as the primary sealing for seat fillers. For this specific industry, the gaskets that are being used are often resistant to fuel and oil. They are likewise resistant to heat and combustion as automotive parts typically operate at extreme temperatures. The gaskets used for the automotive industry are normally made from silicone, nitrile, Viton, and cork composite.

Chemical Industry

Another industry that maximises gaskets is the chemical industry. Since this industry typically conducts various chemical processes, it must utilise gaskets that can withstand the effects of gases and liquids. The gaskets that the industry maximises must also be durable enough to prevent spillage or leakage, ensuring that the chemical plants and laboratories will remain safe throughout their operations. Some gasket materials that they use include nitrile, Viton, silicon, and polytetrafluoroethylene.

Food Processing Industry

Since food and beverages will be consumed by people, the industry that processes them must utilise gaskets that will not allow bacteria to grow. The industry must also use gaskets that can resist harmful environmental elements from damaging the food products as well as prevent these products from sustaining unpleasant taste and odour. Rubber and industrial gaskets are often used in equipment pieces that are involved in food processing, ensuring that the food products will be safe to consume.

Oil and Gas Industry

Since liquids and gases are common in the oil and gas industry, gaskets must be used to prevent them from leaking and causing catastrophic damages. They are also used to ensure that liquids and gases will not cause any harmful effects to the environment. Since the processes of the oil and gas industry often yield high temperature and high pressure, the gaskets used for the industry should be able to withstand these elements. Gaskets made from composite materials are often maximised in this industry.

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