The Pros and Cons of Maximising PTFE Ring Gaskets

26 March 2021

Gaskets are mechanical seals that can effectively fill the space between two or more objects. They are often maximised to prevent any instance of leakage from or into the combined objects while they are being compressed. They are likewise utilised to fill all the irregularities between the mating objects.

One type of gaskets that is utilised by many industries is the ring-type gasket. Applications that pertain to oilfield drilling, pressure vessel connections, pipes, and other similar things maximise ring-type gaskets since they can effectively work in high temperature and high-pressure environments. The benefits of ring-type gaskets can even be amplified once they are manufactured out of polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE.

PTFE ring gaskets have their own set of pros and cons that you should know and consider. 

Pros of Using PTFE Ring Gaskets

  • Resistance to Corrosive Elements: One of the most notable benefits of using PTFE ring gaskets is that they can resist corrosion. Gaskets are often placed in environments that may be exposed to caustic or corrosive chemicals. With the use of PTFE for ring gaskets, they can easily withstand these environments given that the material has a natural resistance to corrosive elements. 
  • Tolerance to Various Temperatures: Another advantage of using PTFE ring gaskets is that they can effectively work in environments that have different temperatures. The PTFE itself can tolerate both low and high temperatures, allowing them to work at temperatures of -198°C to 260°C. Even with prolonged exposures to these temperatures, PTFE ring gaskets are expected to work fully.
  • Extremely Long Service Life: PTFE ring gaskets have been very beneficial for different industries as they are truly cost-effective on their end. These gaskets do not degrade easily over time.They can even withstand the effects of ultraviolet rays, moisture, electricity, and other damaging elements. These features alone allow them to obtain a long shelf and service life.

Cons of Using PTFE Ring Gaskets

  • Lack or Absence of Elasticity: While PTFE ring gaskets can bring true benefits to different applications, they can also provide numerous disadvantages. One of their cons would be their lack of flexibility or elasticity. PTFE gaskets are known to be inelastic, which means that they cannot revert to their original shape once they are used and installed. 
  • Higher Leakage Rate: Another disadvantage of PTFE ring gaskets is that they tend to get a higher leakage rate compared to other types of ring gaskets. PTFE ring gaskets have to undergo post-process surface finish improvements just to obtain the acceptable levels of leakage control rate. The higher hardness of PTFE gaskets can likewise contribute to their higher leakage rate.

Even with these disadvantages, PTFE ring gaskets are still preferred by many industries due to their excellent features. And so, to obtain your own PTFE ring gaskets, just give us a call at Gasketech. We are a manufacturer and supplier of gaskets and sealing washers, extrusions, and mouldings for all industries. We can offer economical yet technically advanced sealing materials for your applications.

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