Knowing the Basics of Cork Gaskets

11 February 2021

There are a wide variety of materials that can be used in manufacturing gaskets. Some of these materials include metal, rubber, silicone, fibreglass, polytetrafluoroethylene, and plastic polymer. But one material that stands out in terms of gasket production is cork.

Cork is an impermeable buoyant material that is often used for making wine bottle stoppers, floor and wall tiles, and many more. It usually comes from cork oak that is native to southwest Europe and northwest Africa. The popularity of this material, however, makes it possible for other countries to utilise its features and eventually use it for manufacturing high-quality gaskets.

Core Features of Cork Gaskets

The integration of cork material in making high-quality gaskets allows it to generate features that are unique and distinctive from other gasket materials. When combined with other rubber materials, cork gaskets can easily manifest great resistance to oil, solvent, and fuel. Cork gaskets can even withstand chemicals, fungus, acid, and extreme weather elements. The resistance of cork gaskets to these elements allows them to effectively seal surfaces and prevent them from obtaining damages.

Another great feature of cork gaskets is that they can easily absorb vibration and impact. Since industrial applications are normally exposed to intense vibrations and direct impact, the components used must also handle them without sustaining negative effects. With cork gaskets, industries can expect them to be stable amidst intense situations thanks to their accompanying air cushion properties.

Cork gaskets are also known for their lightness or buoyancy, compressibility, resiliency, frictional quality, low thermal conductivity, and overall sustainability.

Applications of Cork Gaskets

Given the wonderful features and characteristics of cork gaskets, many industries utilise them for their respective applications. Industries that manufacture electric motors maximise cork gaskets in controlling shock and vibration on motor mounts. Those that manufacture HVAC components, alternatively, use cork gaskets in absorbing vibration that is generated by ducts, furnaces, and compressors.

The power and utility industry has compressors, turbines, and engines that often generate immense levels of vibrations. Through cork gaskets, the vibration from these components can be controlled easily. The same industry also utilises cork gaskets in resisting fuel or oil that may leak during applications.

Other industries that maximise cork gaskets due to their ability to control vibration and shock are locomotive, energy, and material handling industries.

Obtain Cork Gaskets at Gasketech

Cork gaskets are easy to acquire and install. And with a reliable supplier, you can expect high-quality gaskets that can control vibration, resist shock, and prevent elements from damaging components. If you need access to fine cork gaskets and other types of gaskets, you can contact us at Gasketech. We are a manufacturer and supplier of gaskets and sealing washers, extrusions, and mouldings for all industries.We offer fast and superior service that is appreciated by different clients. We fully maximise economical yet technically advanced sealing materials for most applications, ensuring that you can obtain optimum performance, effective emission control, and many more advantages.

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