A Quick Overview of KLINGER® CNAF Gaskets

05 November 2021

One small yet vital component that is being utilised by a lot of manufacturers today is the gasket. A gasket is a mechanical seal that can effectively fill the gap between two or more mating surfaces. Through the installation of this mechanical seal, it can prevent leaks despite being under compression.

Tons of materials can be utilised in generating a gasket. One of these materials is natural rubber. A natural rubber gasket is popular among manufacturers since it can resist water, withstand shock and vibration, and work effectively with metal surfaces. A gasket made from silicone rubber, alternatively, has an added resistance to weather elements. It likewise has an electrical-insulating property. Cork is another material that is maximised in generating a gasket thanks to its resistance to oil products and solvents.

But one material that is great in many aspects is the compressed non-asbestos fibre or CNAF. This specific material is identified to be the replacement for the dangerous asbestos material.

Primary Qualities of the CNAF Material

As mentioned before, the CNAF material serves as the perfect replacement for asbestos as the latter has been verified and declared as a toxic and dangerous material. Some materials that are utilised in creating CNAF are aramid fibres, fibreglass, and rubber.

What makes CNAF great for gasket production is that it does not boast the same toxic qualities of the beloved asbestos material. And since the CNAF is not toxic, it can effectively be used to generate products that can be useful for everyday applications without causing any dangers to the surroundings. Another great quality of CNAF material is that it can resist damaging elements. Several damaging elements that the material can resist are corrosive elements, chlorides, oil, and acids. The said material can even withstand extremely high temperatures.

Many parts and components can be generated out of CNAF thanks to its flexibility. CNAF materials can be cut to generate parts and components with varying sizes and shapes, making them useful for manufacturers and industries that want to offer quality products.

Quality CNAF Gaskets from KLINGER®

Given the primary qualities associated with the CNAF material, the CNAF gaskets from KLINGER® can truly help industries provide sealing on their surfaces. KLINGER® CNAF gaskets are generated to provide excellent resistance to heat, water, oils, fuels, chemicals, and gases. They are also flexible, making them easier to cut, fit, and handle compared to other gasket material options. KLINGER® CNAF gaskets likewise have remarkable stress relaxation and reliable stability.

With their remarkable qualities, KLINGER® CNAF gaskets can be truly effective in applications that are exposed to oils, salt solutions, fuels, alcohols, gases, moderate organic and inorganic acids, lubricants, hydrocarbons, and refrigerants. If you want to gain access to KLINGER® CNAF gaskets, you can contact us at Gasketech. We are a manufacturer and supplier of gaskets and sealing washers, extrusions, and mouldings for all industries.

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