4 Ways Ring Gaskets Can Deteriorate and Be Damaged

01 December 2022

Gaskets are popular mechanical seals being utilised by many industries today. They are often installed to provide effective sealing of two mating surfaces. As they seal the surfaces, gaskets can easily prevent leakage between them. They can also maintain their properties even under compression. These qualities make them very useful in many applications.

But industries still have to pick the right type of gasket before they could maximise their functionalities. One type of gasket that they can use is the ring gasket. Ring gaskets are often installed alongside raised face flanges. They also do not maximise any bolt holes. These qualities make them perfect for pipework assemblies, offshore and onshore petrochemical applications, and oil-field drilling and completion equipment.

Many materials can be used in producing ring gaskets. They can, however, boast damages that can lead to their failure. Here are some ways ring gaskets can deteriorate and be damaged.

1. Infiltration of Moisture

The continuous exposure of ring gaskets to moisture can damage them in the long run. Sometimes, moisture can accumulate in the parts where ring gaskets are installed. Without eradicating the said element or fixing system leaks, it can gradually affect the surface of the ring gaskets until they corrode. Corrosion ultimately occurs whenever water and moisture infiltrate the gasket joint. Gaskets affected by corrosion should be replaced right away to prevent mould growth and structural damage to the affected system and property.

2. Exposure to High Heat

Another way ring gaskets can deteriorate and be damaged is their prolonged exposure to high heat. Most ring gaskets are made from metals as they are known to resist almost all elements. However, they can still get damaged once they are exposed to high heat for a long time. As time passes, the heat or elevated temperature of the surroundings can introduce permanent changes to the structure of the gaskets, making them brittle and weak. The components of the affected gaskets would then start to break away, requiring them to be replaced immediately.

3. Improper Installation

The installation and general application of ring gaskets should be done optimally to prevent losing their effectiveness. When installed wrongly, ring gaskets may only obtain damages that can be difficult to repair or fix. One installation mistake that can damage the ring gaskets is over-tightening them. Failure to clean the areas where the gaskets will be installed can also lead to damage to the mechanical sealing products. Of course, choosing the wrong ring gasket material can also cause early deterioration.

4. Exceeding Normal Age

Ring gaskets are rated to last for a specific number of years. And while many of these gaskets can truly last for a long time, they could eventually attain issues that can already affect their performance. Even though their problems can still be fixed, opting for very old ring gaskets will only lead to their failure later on. They can even affect the performance of the products or systems they intend to seal, which may only cost a lot more money when replaced entirely. Replacing old ring gaskets can help prevent these things from happening.

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