Primary Properties, Benefits, and Uses of Oil Jointing Gasket Sheets

08 September 2022

Tons of surfaces and components must be joined effectively to ensure that they can be safe from leakage issues despite being compressed for a long time. And the primary way to do this is to install high-quality gaskets.

Gaskets are mechanical components that can seal two mating surfaces or components. A lot of them can be made from various materials like silicone rubber, cork, and nitrile. What is common about these materials is they can resist moisture, chemicals, and heat. They can also remain durable despite being subjected to compression. These gaskets are likewise cost-effective as they do not have to be replaced all the time.

But there are instances where gasket sheets are much more advised for certain applications than the standard gaskets. Gasket sheets are large pieces of sheeting that can be used in generating cost-effective gaskets. They should only be handled by experts to ensure that they can still be similar to the standard gaskets.

Properties of Oil Jointing Gasket Sheets

Since gasket sheets come in sheeting pieces, they should be cut and shaped into common gasket outlines by trained engineers or technicians. The outlines should mirror the pipe flange and all other concentric geometrical shapes and bolt holes.  

Now, one common type of gasket sheet that can be useful for many industries and applications is the oil jointing gasket sheet. These sheets are normally impregnated with a chemical treatment that makes them resistant to air, water, alcohol, grease, oil, petrol, and solvents. They may come in various thicknesses, widths, and lengths, making sure that they can accommodate the applications of numerous industries.

Oil Jointing Gasket Sheets Key Benefits

Oil jointing gasket sheets can provide tons of benefits to industries that will be using them.

One of their benefits is they can resist water, oil, air, petrol, and grease. Since many industrial applications have to deal with these elements, their capability to resist them can ensure that the surfaces will remain free from them. Their resistance to these elements can also make their service life longer compared to other gaskets and gasket sheets.

Another great benefit of oil jointing gasket sheets is they can be converted easily. Since they come in a wide range of thicknesses and roll lengths, they can be cut and formed according to the needs of the industries. The shapes and dimensions of gaskets out of these sheets can be limitless, as long as they are processed by professionals.

Oil jointing gasket sheets can even be supplied with a self-adhesive material. This benefit eliminates the need to apply adhesive regularly just to make them operational for a long time.

Oil Jointing Gasket Sheets Applications

Due to the properties and benefits of oil jointing gasket sheets, they can be extremely useful for the automotive industry, especially in the main oil lines inside a vehicle. Oil jointing gasket sheets can also be used in axle joints and low-to-medium pressure piping systems. Some modifications, however, must be applied in applications where resistance to particular elements is necessary. Different sheeting mediums must also be used for more challenging applications.

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