Many products can be supplied for food grade applications including Food grade Nitrile,, Silicone rubber and PTFE.

Compressed  non-asbestos fibre gasket sheet with graphite fibres and  synthetic  rubber with inorganic fillers  Copes well at elevated temperature and in hostile chemical environments. Used for sealing hot oil systems

A rubber with great chemical and solvent resistance,  Very good fuel resistance and good tolerance of higher temperature. Viton has a great ability as a gasket in fuel lines.

Viton is also available in closed cell sponge form.

Excellent chemical resistance and very compliant seal forming a dense and compressed gasket. Does not exhibit usual “cold flow” problems of virgin PTFE gaskets. Very good for fugitive emission control, also low bolt loading applications.

Neoprene sponge material that is impervious to water and therefore forms an excellent seal.  Used for weather strips and similar cabinet seals also auto lens seals and anti-dust strips. Thi material can be supplied with adhesive backing.