Tons of mechanical components are being utilised by industries to make their products useful and functional. One of the components they typically use is gaskets.

Gaskets are mechanical seals that can fill any gap or space between two or more mating surfaces. These components have been very useful for industries, especially during the compressions of their products. By using high-quality gaskets, any instance of unwanted liquid or gas emissions is prevented. The same gaskets can also prevent machines and others from getting damaged by temperature fluctuations and electric forces.

Various gasket suppliers often offer industries the pre-made ones. While they are made from durable materials, businesses still prefer custom-made gaskets over them. Here are some advantages of custom-made gaskets that make them better than the pre-made ones.

Accurate Specifications

One of the advantages of utilising custom-made gaskets is they boast accurate specifications. Pre-made gaskets follow standard specifications that can match the needs of many industries. But businesses that must seal custom or special products would have to utilise gaskets with specific requirements and specifications. From size to the material itself, custom-made gaskets can boast qualities that match the exact needs and demands of the intended users. These gaskets are likewise made to withstand elements found in specific applications.

Dependable Quality 

Another advantage of using custom-made gaskets is they have dependable quality. Manufacturers of custom-made gaskets have all the needed equipment and materials in creating the said gaskets. By acquiring their services, industries can expect their gaskets to boast great quality. Even if they may take a longer time in providing the needed gaskets, the quality their products possess will often be top-notch. With quality custom-made gaskets, businesses can then expect their operations to be profitable.

Significant Cost Savings

Custom-made gaskets not only boast accurate specifications and dependable quality, but they can also provide significant cost savings to industries that will be using them. It might take a few days before the custom-made gaskets will be delivered to the industries. But the time needed in trying which one of them would work on the intended applications is expected to be cut down significantly. Both time and money are even saved with custom-made gaskets since they do not have to be replaced and modified regularly as opposed to the pre-made ones.

Versatile Applications

Pre-made gaskets have been designed to work for many applications. However, some of them might not be suited to industries that boast customised products and machines. They might not even work with industrial applications that can be too harsh for their materials. Custom-made gaskets, alternatively, can be produced from materials that can match the needs of various industries such as agricultural, medical, and industrial sites or plants. They can even accommodate delicate requirements that may be needed by the said industries.

Many custom-made gaskets are manufactured from a wide array of materials. These materials include silicone, neoprene, nitrile, EPDM, and butyl. They are known for their resistance to elements like moisture, heat, and chemicals. They can likewise be flexible, allowing them to seal the gaps and spaces without any issues.

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O-rings, also known as gaskets or washers, are mechanical sealing components that can remove the gap between two or more mating surfaces. The primary purpose of these components is to prevent leaks among objects while they are being utilised.

Many materials can be used in manufacturing O-gaskets. These materials include nitrile, neoprene, and ethylene propylene. Nitrile is often picked due to its resistance to silicone greases, hydraulic fluids, water, alcohols, and petroleum-based oils and fuels. Neoprene, alternatively, has moderate resistance to weather, a low compression set, and good resilience. Ethylene propylene, ultimately, has excellent resistance to water, steam, heat, alkali, ozone, mild acidic and oxygenated solvents, and sunlight.

While these materials can truly benefit many industries, one O-ring material that works well with medical sealing applications is Viton. Viton O-rings, which are made from fluorocarbon compounds, are being utilised by the medical industry due to the following reasons.

Exceptional Chemical Resistance

One of the reasons Viton O-rings are being maximised by the medical industry is they have superb chemical resistance. Many applications in the medical industry revolve around harsh chemicals, gases, and solutions, which can be damaging to many materials. Fortunately, Viton O-rings have excellent resistance to oils, acids, silicone fluids, glucose, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. Their capability to withstand the effects of these elements makes them perfect for sealing various medical equipment and tools.

Reliable Temperature Resistance

Another reason Viton O-rings are utilised by many medical businesses is they have reliable resistance to high temperatures. Viton itself can easily withstand temperatures ranging from -25 to 230 degrees Celsius without compromising its shape, flexibility, and mechanical properties. So, once used as the O-ring material, the medical industry can effectively attain and maximise dependable sealing materials during their high-temperature operations. Their resistance to extreme temperatures likewise makes them long-lasting and valuable.

Great Resistance to Compression

The resistance quality of Viton O-rings does not end with chemicals and temperatures. Medical sealing applications can also benefit from these gaskets since they can remain strong even under pressure and compression. Other gasket types like rubber tend to become brittle in the long run, especially if they are being utilised in applications that are always under pressure. Viton O-rings, alternatively, can resist compression regardless of the environment, preventing them from getting brittle or obtaining cracks.

Compliant with Industry Standards

One more reason why Viton O-rings are preferred by the medical industry for their sealing applications is they comply with industry standards. As long as they are generated by reliable manufacturers, Viton O-rings are expected to meet the strict sanitary standards of the regulatory authority. Some provisions of the standards include the manufacture of the gaskets in a cleanroom. They must also be quality tested and packaged properly to prevent contamination. With high-quality Viton O-rings, the industry can carry out its applications easily.

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