To ensure that tools and devices will remain operational throughout their service life, manufacturers must install or apply specialised components. One of the components that they maximise is the gasket.

A gasket generally works by filling the gap or space between two or more surfaces of a tool or device. The application of the gasket to these things helps them in preventing leakage and encountering irregularities. The gasket can even assist in avoiding pressure loss at the connection points of these things, ensuring that they can carry out their purposes conveniently.

One known type of gasket is the ring gasket. A ring gasket does not contain bolt holes and is maximised on raised face flanges. A common material that is used to generate ring gaskets is polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE. Here are some benefits and drawbacks of maximising PTFE ring gaskets.

Pros of Maximising PTFE Ring Gaskets

The benefits of PTFE ring gaskets are often associated with the primary qualities of the PTFE material. Some of the pros of maximising PTFE ring gaskets are as follows:

Cons of Maximising PTFE Ring Gaskets

Even though the previously stated qualities make the PTFE ring gaskets beneficial for a lot of applications, they still boast some limitations that must be accounted for.

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When it comes to filling the space between two or more objects, industries would often turn to gaskets. After all, gaskets, especially those that are made from rubber, boast tons of benefits that can be great for automotive, oil and gas, aerospace, electronics, petrochemical, and other industries.

Rubber gaskets, for one, are known for their durability. Compared to other gasket materials, rubber gaskets can easily absorb pressure, provide additional strength, and maintain resistance. Aside from their durability, these gaskets are also malleable. The malleability of these gaskets allows them to be moulded into varying sizes and shapes without exerting too much effort, allowing them to be extremely popular in machines and tools. And with the right elements, rubber gaskets can likewise be safe and non-toxic.

Primary Factors of Rubber Gasket Failure

Despite the outstanding benefits of rubber gaskets, they can still fail after using them for a certain amount of time. Rubber gasket failure can be categorised into two: catastrophic failure and chronic leakage. Rubber gaskets that experience catastrophic failure typically led to urgent leakage of the media, while those that undergo chronic leakage would deteriorate over time due to small but significant leaks.

No matter what type of failure gaskets may have, their main causal factors can still be similar. Some of the primary factors of rubber gasket failure include temperature, uneven flange surfaces, stress relaxation, torque loss, and uneven pressure forces at the joint.

Retaining the Integrity of Rubber Gaskets

Rubber gasket failure may happen from time to time. Hence, it would be important for you to store historical data of failures and the possible reasons behind their occurrences. Tracking these crucial details can help you identify any trends that can then allow you to develop corrective measures in the future. These corrective measures would typically tackle the root causes of the problems.

Recording the history of rubber gasket failure is only one of the few ways on keeping the integrity of your other functional rubber gaskets. Another great way of keeping the integrity of your rubber gaskets is to install them correctly. Failure to install them according to their manufacturers’ manual could lead to immediate failure, inconvenient downtimes, and costly replacement.

Your rubber gaskets are likewise expected to run optimally and retain their integrity for a long time if they are manufactured with high-quality materials by a reputable company. Opting for rubber gaskets that are manufactured without excellent quality control would only lead to major operational issues.

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